Policies of the Chatelaine of the East Kingdom

** These Policies are effective as of July 1st 2010**

  1. Local chatelaines
    1. Requirements for chatelaines
      1. You must be 18 years of age to hold the office of chatelaine.
      2. You must hold a current membership in the SCA, and maintain this membership without a lapse for the duration of your term of office.
      3. You must have a valid mailing address and phone number, and keep the Kingdom Chatelaine and your branch Seneschal appraised of any changes.
      4. You must reside within the boundaries of the branch you serve, defined by the current East Kingdom postal code list maintained by the office of the Kingdom Seneschal.
    2. Appointment to office
      1. A roster system is in place, rather than warrants. You will be placed on the roster after providing your contact information to the Kingdom Chatelaine.
      2. Chatelaines will be selected by local custom, by the branch in which they reside.
      3. Send a letter, either via email or via postal mail, to the East Kingdom Chatelaine, stating you have taken office. This is to be accompanied by a letter from your branch's seneschal verifying the change in office.
      4. For Branches that do not currently have a chatelaine, the roster will list the seneschal's name, with the notation "seneschal" until that position is filled.
      5. Term of office shall also be according to local custom.
    3. Resignation
      1. Your written resignation should be sent to both your local seneschal, to the Kingdom Chatelaine, and to your Regional Deputy Chatelaine, so that your name can be removed from the roster.
      2. You may be removed from office for any of the following reasons: Failing to maintain membership requirements; failing to meet the reporting requirements; infractions against the East Kingdom Chatelaine policies, Kingdom Law, or Corpora; or by your branch according their custom and Kingdom Law.
        1. If your membership lapses, you will have one month to renew. Your deputy or the branch seneschal will be responsible for chatelaine duties until your membership is current, and at that time you will be reinstated. Failure to renew after one month will result in your removal from office.
        2. You will be given warnings for failing to report or infractions against Law and Policy as set forth above.
      3. Responsibilities
        1. As an officer in the SCA, and the first point of contact for those new to the SCA, you are expected to read and uphold Corpora, the Society Media and Demo policies, Kingdom Law, and the policies of the office of Chatelaine.
        1. You are expected to read and familiarize yourself with the East Kingdom Chatelaine Handbook.
        2. You will keep the Kingdom Chatelaine informed of any change to your address, phone number, or email address.
        3. You will endeavor to build and maintain a Gold Key collection of loaner garb and gear.
          1. Ideally, your Gold Key should contain garb in a variety of sizes for both sexes.
          2. It is also useful to have feast gear as part of the Gold Key.
        4. Assist and mentor both new and relocated members, with the customs of the SCA, the East Kingdom, and your local group.
        5. Be knowledgeable about resources useful to newcomers, such as local sources for fabric, or feast gear.
        6. Supervise and assist with demos (see section on Demo Coordinator).
        7. Plan a strategy for newcomer recruitment and a strategy for retention. Review and reevaluate your plan annually.
        8. You are encouraged to join the EK Chatelaine group email list. This is the primary method in use by the Kingdom chatelaine to send group reminders or notifications. If you do not join this group, you are responsible for remaining up to date as to policy changes, reporting deadlines, etc.
        9. Reports
          1. Quarterly reports are due during the two week period following the end of the quarter as follows: April 15 (1st quarter January to March), July 15 (2nd quarter April to June), October 15 (3rd quarter July to September), and January 15 (4th quarter October to December).
          2. Email is the preferred means to send reports. If you do not have email available, you may send a report via postal mail, but this must be received by the 15th of the month in which the report is due.
          3. Email must be in plain text format. Attachments must be word Doc. format. Reports sent via postal mail must be typed or PRINTED. All reports must be in a basic font, no calligraphy. Please remember you are conducting the business of your office.
          4. Subject line will contain the branch name and the reporting quarter. (ie. "Bhakail 1st quarter 2010" or "Concordia 1Q 10").
          5. Reports will contain the following information:
            1. number of newcomer contacts (if none, state "none")
            2. age range of newcomers, such as child/minor, young adult, adult, etc.
            3. How the newcomers discovered the SCA.
            4. Activities specifically for newcomers, or activities in which they participated.
            5. Activities to retain newcomers, such as follow-up contact after they come out to a practice or meeting.
            6. Any demos which have been held, including the name of the marshal in charge.
            7. Any media contacts
            8. Positive things happening in your group.
            9. Your plans for next quarter.
            10. Problems or concerns.
          6. It is unacceptable to file a report stating "no report", or to file a report prior to the end of the quarter. If you have extenuating circumstances, and must file early, you may contact the Kingdom Chatelaine, who will decide on an individual basis to accept a report under these circumstances.
          7. All reports will be filed with your Regional Deputy Chatelaine. If you are a subordinate group, a courtesy copy should also be sent to the Chatelaine of your supervising branch. You will also send a copy to the Kingdom Chatelaine.
          8. Maintain records of your reports for no less than two years.
          9. Branches that fail to file two consecutive quarterly reports will be considered delinquent and the following actions will be taken
            1. Branch seneschal will be informed of the branch's delinquent status.
            2. The Branch may file a late report within one week of notification from the Kingdom Chatelain. The seneschals report for that quarter will be acceptable.
            3. If the Branch is unable to provide a late report, the Branch will have until the next (or third) quarterly report is due to select a new chatelain.
            4. If the Branch fails to comply by the third consecutive quarterly report, the officer will be removed and/or the branch may be suspended.
      4. Deputies
        1. You may appoint deputies to your office as needed.
        2. If Chatelain is a required office for your group (baronies, provinces, and principalities), then you are expected to have a deputy which you will mentor and train to take office, should the need arise. If Chatelain is not a required office for your group, it is still strongly suggested that you appoint a deputy.
        3. As demos fall under the auspices of the office of Chatelaine, Demo Coordinators are by default always a deputy of the Chatelaine.
          1. Demo Coordinator is an optional deputy position, to assist the chatelaine with handling demonstrations.
          2. The Demo Coordinator is to be appointed and mentored by the chatelain or by the seneschal when the chatelain office is vacant.
          3. The person appointed will have a good working knowledge of the SCA, and will represent the SCA according to the Society Demo and Media policies.
          4. The Demo Coordinator will familiarize him/herself with the Society Demo policy, the Society Media policy, and the East Kingdom Chatelain policies.
      5. Internet and Communication
        1. Many of our newcomers are finding us through web searches, and are more comfortable making their first contact via electronic means.
        2. Every effort should be made to provide access to your office through electronic means.
        3. Every effort should be equally made to maintain an an up to date, and newcomer friendly web page for your local group.
        4. All Communication which occurs under the auspices of your office is to remain courteous and welcoming, and should reflect the fact that you are an officer of this Society.
        5. It is not appropriate to represent yourself in persona while performing the duties of your office.
        6. To avoid newcomer's confusion as to the variety of titles in use in the SCA, the titles Chatelain for men, and Chatelaine for women are to be used, rather than castellan or hospitaller.
    1. Deputies to the Kingdom Chatelaine
      1. Deputy to the Kingdom Chatelaine
        1. Drop Dead deputy is to be appointed by the Kingdom Chatelaine
        2. He/she will be rostered, and will provide to the Kingdom Chatelaine contact information including mailing address, email address, phone number, legal name, society name, membership number and expiration date.
        3. May resign by written notice.
        4. Term of office will end when the Kingdom Chatelain leaves office, but may be renewed by the incoming Kingdom Chatelain.
      2. Web Deputy
        1. To be appointed by the Kingdom Chatelain.
        2. He/she will be rostered, and will provide to the Kingdom Chatelaine contact information including mailing address, email address, phone number, legal name, society name, membership number and expiration date.
        3. Will assist with the maintenance and updating of the East Kingdom Chatelain web pages.
        4. May resign from office by written notice.
        5. Term of office is not to exceed the current Kingdom Chatelain, but may be renewed by the incoming Kingdom Chatelain.
      3. Regional Deputies
        1. Appointed by the Kingdom Chatelain.
        2. Familiarize him/herself with Corpora, the Society Media and Demo policies, Kingdom Law, and the Policies of the office of East Kingdom Chatelain.
        3. Responsibilities.
          1. Receive, read, and summarize the quarterly reports of the groups in your region.
          2. Provide a summary report to the Kingdom Chatelain by the 30th of the month in which local reports are due, allowing a 2 week period to summarize, and to contact groups if needed.
          3. Acknowledge as received, the local reports within 3 three days of when you receive them. This means to send a reply to the sender, as a courtesy so they know the report has arrived.
          4. Summary reports will contain the following:
            1. Total number of newcomer contacts in your region.
            2. Total number of newcomers who have participated after initial contact.
            3. Problems or Conflicts.
            4. Your recommendations.
            5. A record of all reports received late.
            6. A record of any groups failing to report.
            7. Your contact information including mailing address, email address, phone number, legal name, society name, membership number and expiration date.
          5. Regional deputies will hold at least twice annual meetings in their region for local chatelains, preferably in the spring and fall, at a large event in your region.
          6. Mentor and support the local chatelaines
          7. Communicate at least quarterly with the local chatelains.
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